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HYD is a free matchmaking app where you can find genuine matches. Whether you want to make meaningful connections, chat and meet new friends. When you cross paths with a person sharing the same interest, their profile appears on your app. Did someone catch your eye? Like them secretly. We promise the person will never know unless they Like you back.

Safety Policy

Making User Experience Safe at HYD

At HYD, we aspire to provide Users with recommendations and suggestions for matchmaking which could be most compatible based on the information provided by the User. Finding a highly compatible match and being in a lasting relationship online is a likely probability through HYD. However, the choices and decisions in the context always rest with the User. We are committed to assisting by providing guidance and support to the User for the User discovering User’s best qualities and those of potential partners.

Please do not ignore your match

HYD monitors User account activity and investigates all complaints, however, verifying criminal background of each account is not possible for HYD. Users’ should bear in mind it is always possible for people to misrepresent themselves. Some basic verification of information provided on the Site is conducted by HYD through engaging third party experts. Such verification is warranted only to the extent and quality, these third parties offer. However, assessing a match’s authenticity and genuine interest in a lasting relationship is ultimately the User’s responsibility. Users’ are urged not to ignore any facts or feelings that seem inconsistent or “do not feel right”. User has to trust one’s own instincts and remember that User has control over the situation at all times. If during any interaction with any probable match, the User is suspicious, then HYD recommends it would be best for User to end such interactions. If during a personal interaction classified as a meeting for getting to know each other, the User is uncomfortable, then the best option would be to leave and discontinue future interaction.

Always Protect Your Account at HYD

When accessing User account from a public or shared computer, use caution and be aware of your surroundings so that others are not able to view or record your password or other personal information.

Use Caution When Deciding to Click on Any URL Link

If any match shares a URL link to a favourite website or article as part of the get-to-know-you communication process User should always use good judgment and be cautious when deciding to click on any URL links. In particular, be aware of links that lead to web pages which look similar or identical to HYD homepage, including its log-in fields. These links are typically sent as attempts to ‘phish’ for log-in information from users in order to compromise user accounts. You should report any such phishing attempts to HYD immediately. The only way to log in to User account with Our Site is through HYD webpage and by directly accessing

Always Protect Your Account at HYD

Online communication can sometimes accelerate one’s sense of comfort and intimacy and thus, makes it necessary to get to know each other better through other means. HYD offers secure anonymous messaging system for use for as long as it is required for getting to know the recommended match.

Even though HYD Compatibility Assessment creates extremely compatible matches, it can not replace the need for your own experience. It is vital to meet and get to know each other in a meaningful way. So we recommend, allow time for a variety of experiences to occur. In cases of long-distance relationships, if possible, you should consider living in the same area for a significant time before committing to a more serious relationship. Move slowly and pay attention to the reality of the relationship.

Always be Respectful and Kind

Users should always be respectful and treat matches as User would want them to treat User. Not every match is going to be right for you so closing communication with matches and having matches close communication with you is a natural and healthy part of the process. HYD is about bringing two compatible people together who have a solid foundation from which a long-term relationship would have a high probability of success. User still needs to carefully consider whether this particular person is the one with whom User would like to further a relationship. If User feels the need to end communication, then be honest, direct and polite. The sooner User addresses this determination, the better.

If a recommended match feels the need to close communication with User, please respect their wishes. If User still persists, then HYD could be constrained to take adequate steps to prevent such User to receive such Services.

Report Concerns About a Match to HYD

HYD works diligently to close Users who misrepresent to other Users on our Site, and member complaints are taken, seriously. If User has concerns about a particular match, please do not hesitate to contact us so that appropriate steps can be taken to keep HYD safe. Email your concerns to:

If We close an account for suspect activity, inappropriate behaviour or falsified identity, User may be notified via email to discontinue communicating with the match in question. We strongly encourage all of our members to review emails received from HYD to ensure this communication is received promptly. We hope these guidelines will help to make User experience a success, and find a life partner/ soul mate, as so many others.